Wednesday, May 05, 2010

If cows invented Biodynamics

So I was having a conversation the other day with a new acquaintance, and the subject of conversation (wine, what else do I ever talk about?) turned to biodynamic community, and how this person felt that it was so perfectly non-interventionist!

That got me to thinking: when is it NOT intervention to kill and sacrifice an animal in the hopes of having a better harvest? And all that they were regurgitating was in direct contradiction to the fact that the model they seem to have fallen in love with still intervenes from the very start of the farm/vineyard layout.....just like everyone else does.

But aside from that, it got me to thinking about biodynamics from the cow's point of view:

Absurd as this cartoon is, it illustrates the fallacy these people operate matter how hard they try to influence their crops with placing poop in animal skulls and burying it for 6 months, they will be as mistaken as the cows are that they are growing better dandelions by sacrificing humans for the effort.

On second thought, at least the cows are decreasing the number of humans which are a direct threat to them!