Tuesday, January 03, 2006

No Glassy-Winged sharpshooters...

...but should I spray for Cormorants?!
(click pic to enlarge)
Yeah, it's not something that's on the usual Wine Country tour, and I don't think they'll be hanging around too long after the waters recede. Note the debris which has gotten caught up on the top of the trellis system - the water was almost another 3' higher before I got myself out of bed New Year's morning.
I know several people who are stranded back in Monte Rio and Guerneville, and several more families from both Napa and Sonoma Counties who had their homes flooded.
Thankfully, I haven't heard of any serious injuries or fatalities - even to those in homes which had trees fall on them - quite lucky for all involved.
I'd brought up the issue of flooding on the Russian River back in June on a post about real estate in the Russian River appellation. As I said then about seeing a sign that you're in the Russian River AVA...
(click pic to enlarge)
Yup. New Year's highwater is here yet again.


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