Thursday, March 23, 2006

Screaming Eagle cont'd

The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa has an online article which fills in most of the details about the sale of Screaming Eagle...and answers a few questions while raising a few more...

Screaming Eagle buyers step forward

Of particular note is the following:
  1. they are working to keep Heidi Peterson Barrett as winemaker
  2. they want to keep the production the same size
  3. vineyard replacement will continue as Jean Phillips had originally slated
  4. they have no plans to change or expand it

But having said that, Charles Banks (one of the new owners) stated the following -

He said improvements to the vineyards and winery could make Screaming Eagle wines even more exquisite. "Even a first-growth Bordeaux can be improved," said Banks.

I find that in somewhat in conflict with point #4 above. I'm not sure how something can remain the same, yet be improved...but I look forward to seeing what and how that's accomplished - as well as the confirmation from Heidi Barrett that she's staying on in the same capacity and with the same amount of control that she's had in the past.


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