Thursday, April 13, 2006

Take a Wine final you thought school was over...
Get your #2 pencils out and a scantron sheet¹
and take the test here! [link]
(it's an online final from the UCD Winemaking for Distance Learners class...)
Some of the highlights from the test:

7. A sort of snobby friend brings a bottle of red Burgundy wine and one of a red Bordeaux wine to dinner. She proceeds to tell you what the differences will be.
Which is the correct statement?

a) the Burgundy wine will be berry/fruity because it is made of Pinot noir
b) the difference between the two is that only Bordeaux will have been in oak
c) the Bordeaux wine will have a higher alcohol level
d) the Burgundy wine will probably not have been chaptalized
e) the Burgundy wine will be vegetative because it is made from Pinot noir.

8. The same lady comes to dinner again, this time with a bottle of 2000 Chardonnay from California and one from Australia. Which is the correct statement?
a) The California Chardonnay is made of 51% Chardonnay
b) California Chardonnay winemakers rarely age their wines in oak
c) The big difference between the two wines is the country of origin
d) California Chardonnay winemaker never allow malolactic fermentation
e) Australian and California Chardonnays are most typically aged in oak but
do not under go malolactic fermentation

So the next question is "why do I keep inviting my sort of snobby women friends over?"
Obviously it's a) you're a college aged guy looking to score, so you'll put up with her snobbiness - that's why.²

I can't wait to see all the different answers!
(¹ scantron sheet not supplied by Zinquisition)
(² that really IS the right answer folks. A good follow-up question would be "are you inviting her to the Tri-Delta kegger on Tuesday night? Discuss why or why not...")


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