Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Follow up

Thought I'd post a link to the Underdog Wine Merchants site, not only for the fact that they just got 2 Bonny Doon labels added to their portfolio, but also because they're trying to make wine "fun" and "hip" as you can see from their website's construction.

While I think the "Killer Juice" label visually looks a bit sophmoric, I think it has great potential appeal to the Orange County Chopper fans who might want a bottle of wine with flames like a '57 Chevy - certainly a niche under marketed to.

I mean, if you ever wondered just what kind of wine might be on Paul Sr.'s table this would probably be it (Okay, Mikey's more likely to have wine in my opinion, but what the heck!).


Blogger wine lover said...

I liked the Underdog website but had trouble finding out about the wines and all that they were about. Do you have any other sites that you'd recommend like this but with more education to them?

April 02, 2007 8:11 AM  

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