Monday, August 02, 2004

The Marketing of "Gay" Wines - out of the closet for good?

It started with La Crema going after the gay market (sponsoring San Francisco's Gay Men's Chorus) in a rather quiet way. A demographic that (reportedly) drinks much more wine than average and is (also reportedly) very brand loyal.

Now, Fat Bastard is starting a launch of sales materials that are specifically targeting gay men in a very direct way. Although their website materials are not geared toward a specific orientation, they do reveal the new spin that the phrase "Fat Bastard" will be getting. . .

Word is that promotions in bars will include a free condom with a Chardonnay-by-the-glass program. The condom has the FB logo and will say "wrap your fat bastard".

This leads the HJWOW to wonder, will there be other tie-ins?

  • "Buy a used barrel, get a free bung."
  • Grocery cross branding with personal lubricants?
  • With proof of purchase, enter to win a spot as a cast member on next season's "Queer Eye..."


Blogger VineSugar said...

HA! Your tie-ins are great... They're on to something though. Reachin into new markets is something the industry as whole needs to look at.

August 02, 2004 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Green Griffin International said...

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