Friday, October 22, 2004

Mondavi sued by shareholder & class action Law-firms

I bet the ink's still fresh on these!
This is almost like watching vultures vying for the best spot to feed on fresh road-kill...

The shareholder’s suit is on this link:

But wait! There's more...
And this one doesn’t even get the facts straight in the initial press release! To wit:

“The action charges that Constellation Brands, Inc. has a controlling interest in Mondavi and thus is able to control the Board, and to influence the possible acceptance of an inadequate cash and stock bid worth approximately $53.00 per share for the Class A Shareholders and $61.75 per share for the Class B Shareholders.”

When did Constellation get a controlling interest in MOND?...
These people must’ve been in an awful hurry to file that suit if they didn’t have time to check it for such basic facts first. Then later it’s corrected to read the following ~

Now the (morbid) fun begins…
Go pour yourself a nice glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy the fireworks!


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