Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Cheers - a vintner in it for more than the money

Okay, so I've plugged Coffaro already - but he's got a great website with lots of hidden "gems" like this one:


Wednesday April 21, 2004
I have people all the time suggest that I raise prices. Recently a customer suggested I should raise the price of my new 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon which is still in the barrel. It seems that maybe I could attract the RIGHT people, because they would think I had better wine if I sold the wine at $35 to $50. As most of you know, I feel if someone is so impressed with the price of a bottle, then maybe they aren't the right people. On average (From the start of pre-harvest Futures and after bottling until sold out), I will not sell wine for more than 50% above my cost. That cabernet costs me no more than $10 even if I consider all my audio video and new screw cap equipment. If I sold wine for more, what would I do with my profits? Buy better clothes? Buy a new jet plane? I will leave higher prices to other wineries.



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