Monday, February 07, 2005

Champagne gets proactive...


Now that’s proactive & progressive.
The French – with their myriad other wine industry woes – can still take the time & money to study how to reduce their CO2 emissions! Granted it’s only Champagne that’s being studied (or so it seems), but it’s still light years ahead of where most American wine associations would be on this topic. And their spokesman appeals to both the environmental issues (great for image – the CEO’s can really appreciate the need to keep up appearances to continue to sell product) and the premise that they’ll be saving money as well (this is always the best reason to get your CEO’s to pony up for your studies!).

And a whopping 30% of the emissions were from packaging? Yikes…probably quite a bit of that was during its own manufacture process. Good thing to be looking all the way back to the beginning of each and every component in the industry.


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