Friday, February 11, 2005

Greek wine: 2002 Naoussa (Boutari & Son)

Naoussa by Boutari

Got the idea to try some Greek wines from Tiffany B. @
The 2002 Naoussa is a dry light bodied red wine from J.Boutari & Son., made from the Xinomavro grape with ~12% Alc. [
Xinomavro link]
Balance was slightly tannic, with a light astringency in the finish, and medium length. Some light cherry and plum, and very light berries. No Brett aromas. The back label states that the wines were aged for 1 year in oak to produce the “characteristic bouquet”, which was light. Barrels weren’t brand new as there’s not really much oak in the glass (and that’s fine as the wine would be overpowered by more oak). Don’t think I’d let it age too long either (the tannins & fruit clearly aren’t extracted enough to allow this) but drinking the 2002 in early 2005 seemed to be about right.

Good wine for foods like cheeses, appetizers, salads, or light beef/vegetable stews (I paired it with the latter over rice). Doesn’t really have the body or intensity to stand up to lamb or a hearty steak, but could do well with pork, poultry or fish.

Though it’s unlikely to become my new favorite wine (and I won’t be drinking it by itself), it paired well and was reasonably priced @ ~US$10. We finished the bottle that night, and I’d consider occasionally buying this wine again.


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