Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The light’s on…is anybody home?

More sharpshooter eggs shipped into Napa

“Ag Commissioner Dave Whitmer said that it was not clear why inspectors checking the shipment in Riverside County did not spot the egg clusters

That’s a pretty scary thought…they were checked and still the pests got up here. For those who are counting that’s the fourth instance this year that clusters of eggs have been shipped into Napa County. (Sonoma County has had, what – an additional three instances so far this year?) The question that runs through my mind is “who’s watching the fort down South?”

With the amount of rainfall that California (especially the Southern portion) has had, there’s been a bumper crop of foliage on the host plants that the sharpshooters favor. Less pesticide usage due to the wet weather hasn’t helped either.

But as far as doing their job properly in Southern California…
Hello?! Is anybody home?


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