Friday, May 13, 2005

I've got a bad feeling about this...

This year it seems there's enough news items about the GWSS (glassy winged sharpshooter) to fill a separate blog of it's own.

I have no intention of making that a reality, but the idea that the pest seems to be gaining a foothold in Solano County (just South-East of the North Coast wine region) is very disturbing, and I feel the need to include it here as well.
Essentially, all the little blighters would have to do is round the corridor from Fairfield, then hop to Cordelia, Vallejo, and finally into Napa county.

This is a time for all agricultural trades to be extra vigilant and re-commit to preventing the spread of the GWSS at all costs. Not just for the wine and grape markets, but citrus, ornamental, other fruit growers as well...


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