Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fa Bene!

After reading my post about the Italian protectionism regarding Sagrantino di Montefalco, Marcello writes:

Well, I'm about to plant a vineyard to Sagrantino in Western Australia, so if he has a problem with Tuscans, then he's gonna have to spread that ire further afield. What about the Bordelaise? They've lost so much of their once unique varities to international competitors. Hell even varieties they ditched (like Carmenere and Petit Verdot) are thriving in the New World!

I'm looking forward to sending Marco a bottle of my Sagrantino Di Antipodea. We'll see what taste it leaves in his silver spoon-fed mouth.

Marcello, Mt. Barker

Fa bene, Marcello!
That's just the spirit that's needed in the wine world today - throw the pretentiousness back in their faces!

Honestly, it's just that sort of adventurous nature of man to explore the world and bring his vines with him that spread vines to France and Germany millenia ago. And if a particular varietal doesn't take too well in a particular spot...then try something else. Even Thomas Jefferson the President and perennial American statesman (and all-round Renaissance man) tried viticulture for years at Monticello (he unfortunately never managed to get it right, but his dedication and spirit of viticultural adventure are legendary…).

Well, Congratulations Marcello. I hope it goes well for you...and if you DO send a bottle to that guy...please, please let me know what he says!


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