Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Volcano Winery (Hawaii)

Here's an interesting travel article on the Volcano Winery

(Hmmmm...Symphony grapes...y'know there's a reason that varietal never caught on in popularity)
Note they use a few weird tropical fruits in some of their wines, including the Brazillian grape-fruit ('jaboticaba' which is not really a grape, but a tree which has fruit reminicent of grapes in appearance).

If you've ever had it...well, it's unforgettable...
I suppose it does qualify as wine if your definition is "an alcoholic beverage produced from fruit'...but that's where the similarities end.
Strange taste. Acidic with no real tannin structure, and a rather baked red fruit note (like red stone fruit - only not like red stone fruit).

The fruit 'pops out' all over the tree's bark like the measles...here's what it looks like when fruiting:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone knowing of a jaboticaba vintner or wine supplier selling online in or to the U.S. other than Volcano Winery, please post.
I can find nothing from Brazil, and Aussies can't ship retail to the U.S. at a competitive cost.

October 02, 2007 12:20 PM  

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