Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Aussies Climb the Great Wall

Although I have noted my concerns over the health of Australia's wine industry recently, it is refreshing to see that the ever-organized Aussies are working to establish an industry-wide marketing effort in China. This effort, in advance of an expected trade agreement with China is similar to the approach the Aussies have had since they established the AWBC (Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation) in 1981 which continues to serve the industry by providing enormous amounts of data on the Australian wine industry. This group has been essential in developing Australia's rapid growth in foreign markets (notably the US and the UK).

This article notes that "There are also plans to have a strategic memorandum of understanding with Austrade, Tourism Australia and other agencies, with the aim of building market awareness of Australian wine. The industry's peak body is also looking at rolling out China market information packages for the industry."

Credit the Aussies for quickly jumping on a significant growth opportunity early in the game. The potential of the Chinese market (and indeed the Indian market) is truly colossal and by identifying Australia with wine to the Chinese drinker, the Aussies have a leg up on the rest of the world. Kudos!


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