Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blend Your Own From Jelly Beans

Okay, I've crusaded here for taking the pretension out of wine, so I would be a hypocrite to mock any such attempt (though its sorely tempting to do so with this one).

The folks at Jelly Belly, DeLoach and Wine X Magazine have come together to create taste combinations descriptive of many different wines. If you've ever done a component tasting or a wine sensory evaluation you'll understand what they're after with their Jelly Bean Wine Bar.

Using jelly beans in various combinations to describe the flavors of different wines, you can compare a French Champagne to a New World Sparkling Wine (add caramel, buttered toast, and toasted marshmallow to convert New World Sparkling Wine into proper Champagne).

I haven't tried these, so I won't comment on their accuracy, but I did get a chuckle when I noticed that the components for French wines suggest adding a "dirt" jelly bean to the flavor profile....

Perhaps the jelly bean food scientists can work on a Brettanomyces bean for proper authenticity.


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