Monday, November 14, 2005

Wine Consumer DNA

I know this is old news by now. No doubt you've already read about Constellation's "ground breaking" survey of the wine consumer market. Constellation probably paid $250k for this study - Hell, I would have done it for half that and a lot quicker too.....My results would have been:

"Wine is confusing to consumers, which turns them off and alienates them, which leads to lower sales and profits."

Is it news that wine is hard to understand? Think its simple? Einstein is credited with saying "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." Try explaining the following to your grandmother:

* Appellation
* Vintage
* Why it can say Napa on the label and not be all from Napa
* Meritage
* Syrah or Shiraz
* Explain to her what all the terms on a French or Italian wine label mean
* etc
Or, just take a novice wine consumer shopping and watch his/her mind reel.

This is the challenge faced by the wine industry. I have been highly critical of its lack of success (particularly the wine market council) in the past. Let's hope this new study provides a successful roadmap to the future.


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