Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Something's fishy here

And it's Msr. Nicolas Joly!

(From Neil Pendock, writing on South Africa's Wine.Co.Za)
That Buddha of biodynamism, Nicolas Joly, was the most controversial personality to open the Nederburg Auction since the Minister of Police and Prisons, Jimmy Kruger, did the honours back in 1979. The penny dropped for me during Joly's workshop on the eve of the auction, when he related how his friend, an Austrian vet, cured a cow by forcing it to eat a live trout. In the biodynamic world, a cow is an inward process and hence linked to water and we all know what fish do in water. It was pure Salvador Dalí with Joly brandishing an electric field detector in theatrical fashion (it looked like a transistor radio with a shiny aerial) whereas Dalí relied on his waxed moustache tips to pick up electrical emanations from the higher spheres.

To criticize Joly for the arcanae of his craft - burying cow horns filled with manure and hanging a stag's bladder stuffed with yarrow in a tree - besides being boring, is to miss the point when his aim is to highlight the contradictions in our thoroughly modern world of technologically driven wine. ...

Too bad it's never related what the cow was suffering from, but regardless - I can't see anyone trying to feed a live trout to a cow! That would've been great video...worthy of the Three Stooges...I wonder if it's on the internet somewhere...

As for Joly's real mission being to raise awareness of "technologically driven" wines, I guess he accomplishes that rather well. What he seems to be incapable of is producing a convincing argument as to why those particular wine techniques are "bad" to start with...

If you like the taste of it, drink it. If not, don't.



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