Wednesday, June 28, 2006

knocking the dust off

A few light sprinkles fell this morning.
Nothing to be alarmed about, every vine where I am has already flowered and has set a crop ( if it was going to...).

The "rain" - if you can even call it that - only woke me up this morning because I heard it hitting the wheelbarrow I left outside the bedroom window instead of putting back into the shed last night. My dogs stirring on the floor is probably what really woke me: with mountain lions sightings this last week within the cities of Santa Rosa and Windsor, I'm feeling kind of restless in bed. We're out in a vineyard, so it's doubtful the sheriff would just be passing by to lend a hand in case we did have one in our yard or vineyard. Marlowe & Sam are fairly good sized and would probably attack the lion, but probably get badly mauled if not killed. Mrs. Johnson's ankle-biter Princess would only cower in shame.

Anyway, the rain isn't really of import, except to note that the last two years have had more instances of "summer" rain - which isn't what we traditionally have here in California.
Nothing fell that will be of consequence to the vineyards, but extra moisture and mold pressures are never welcome.


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