Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heaven or Hell?

Ok...I'm not sure where I am...I'm definitely disoriented...

So Richard Cartiere's Wine Market Report comes out today...and...and...

...BEST CALIFORNIA CHARDONNAY at the California State Fair went to....

...Bronco's Charles Shaw (aka "2-buck-Chuck") Chardonnay!
Certainly the current wine punditry would have called it "impossible", but you can safely bet your fattest paycheck that Fred Franzia will be marketing the hell out of this triumph for the next millennia.

The runner-up to the 2-Buck-Chuck was a 2005 Wente Chardonnay from Livermore which took home a double-gold...another dark horse by conventional wisdom...

On one hand, I'm in Heaven rejoicing in the defeat of "image" and "pretension" by an underdog which works out of an airpark...
On the other, I'm in Hell, saddened by what I personally think are the many far better chardonnays which just got seriously dirted by the judges.

The upshot is that now you can put all that money you'd saved for expensive Chard into the stock market, towards your kids college education or mortgage, and head off to Trader Joe's.
If you go, I think you'll see a few judges in line at Trader Joe's with you.

Drink what you it $100/btl, or $1.99/btl.


Anonymous joseph said...


It's still just as bad as I remember it. Can't believe I just bought a bottle due to the hype alone - must be what Franzia's hoping for.

July 03, 2007 8:04 AM  

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