Thursday, August 12, 2004

Wine Marketing Part 3 - WineX Magazine

Since the dawn of marketing, it has been clear that catching a person's eye with an attractive face or body can move product. Pretty simple, right?

Yet the Wine Speculator graces its covers with the likes of Rhea Pearlman and Danny Devito. The only attractive image in the last issue was an ad for one of Shanken's other rags - "Cigar Afficianado" that had a hot Cuban Model on the cover. . . . Why are they not getting it? Can't a wine magazine have tasteful hotness without clouding its stuffy image? Are we doomed to look at Shanken and Matthews in yet another pose with wine glasses (
Riedel, I'm sure) in every issue? Thank God I don't pay for it at $60 or whatever they're charging now for a subscription.

On the other hand, Wine X actually has pictures of good looking people on the cover of their magazine, both male and female. Somebody over there actually understands that the human brain (particularly the ones lodged in young adults) is more likely to notice advertising or magazine covers when they have something worth looking at. Further, if the wine industry's latest noise about marketing to Gen-X & Millennials is anything more than just lip service, they should be committing some serious ad dollars to this magazine. Yet, we expect more "trendy" ads like "Wine, since 6,000 B.C." Yeah, that's going to bring in new drinkers....


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