Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More of the "Wine. Since 6000 B.C." Snoozefest

The Wine Market council, the wine-industry association tasked with "establish(ing) the widespread acceptance of wine as a rewarding part of American culture and to encourage the responsible enjoyment of wine by current and future generations of adults in the United States" has unveiled its latest ads in its "Wine. Since 6000 B.C." campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to somehow tie in wine's roots with ancient civilizations and make it seem ok to drink since it was made by the Mayans, Egyptians, etc.

Now, personally, I hate this campaign. Wine's main problem in this country is that its image is stuffy, elitist, and non-hip. Associating the product with something that is "old" only reinforces its stodgy image. Come on, Wine Market Council, if you want to draw in Gen-X and Millennials or at least reform wine's image in middle America, let's rethink this approach....



The above images look like they belong in a museum. They look French (or at least European), old, and stodgy. If they're going after Joe Lunchbox and Sally Housecoat of Columbus, Ohio, why not run ads that create some interest or reposition wine's image in people's minds?

Wine Vision gets it. They had an entire conference on repositioning wine and attracting younger consumers. Maybe the industry should be shifting funds their way....?


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