Monday, January 17, 2005

A good gift for 'biodynamicists' on your list this year...

Another item for those biodynamic types on your gift lists…

Aging Accelerator

Shooter Buddy & the Vintage Express aging accelerators! High guass (high magnetic strength) neodymium magnets that expose the drink placed into it to an elctromagnetic field thousands of times stronger than the Earth's!
(It's a ludicrous product, especially @ $49.95 for the Vintage Express, and $29.95 for the Shooter Buddy. The only saving grace is that they have a few hotties on their site's main banner.)

Aligning all the molecules within the beverage..? I’m not sure how that’s supposed to age your beverage 10 years. But think of all the money you’ll save now that you don’t have to buy that second-hand hypermagnetic chamber at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch yard sale next month…
It’ll also save you from having to store your wine next to your local radiologist’s NMR.

It’s just too bad that the alignment’s ruined as soon as you remove the drink from the vicinity of the magnets.
Don’t even THINK about swirling!

And Good Lord, Almighty! PLEASE don’t drop one in the hot tub! Everyone inside will go from “Brad Pitt” to “George Burns” in 15 seconds flat! (Women readers may substitute “Angelina Jolie” to “Phyllis Diller” for the equivalent effect.)

I’m sure they could even find some of those old pyramid hats from the 70’s to keep their brains young (check
ebay, after all they do seem to have everything else on earth listed!).

Power of the pyramids - Shagadelic, baby!


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