Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Going to camp this year?

Maybe you should save up, and hold off until harvest comes ‘round.
Here’s a
little note from MSNBC about some fun things to do on your next vacation to the wine country.

St. Supery will set you back $250 for a half day of wine making fun. Be real! You wouldn’t want to work a full day would you? Then it’d seem like…well, “work”, and lose some of it’s fantasy allure (you'll just have to trust me on that one)...

Schramsberg, on the other hand, will soak up $875 for a three-day-tour. (Again, it’s doubtful they’d make you slave for the full three days – especially since a “full day” at a winery during crush starts at 10 hours and runs thru to 16 hours, depending on what needs to be done. And you will be a paying guest after all...).

It’s actually the best of both worlds for those ‘wannabe’ winemakers on your gift lists. It will get them out of your hair and give them some other wine geeks to talk with.

As an added bonus: there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell of anyone else giving the same gift…


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