Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Third Bottle

Regular visitors know that I don't do a lot of reviews or promo for wineries except when I find something that I really like. In this case, I really like "the 3rd Bottle" from Gustavo Thrace winery.

We've all been've opened two great wines with dinner for your guests, and then you open a third after you've already numbed your palates with your growing buzz. Encumbered by the bravado alcohol gives you, you reach for another great bottle from the cellar....why? Your guests won't be any more impressed, and frankly, by then they just want to keep the night going and anything north of inoffensive will do at this point.

"the 3rd Bottle" is another great example of how, with clever marketing and a lack of pretension, wine can be allowed to be fun and something we celebrate, not something we revere on a pedestal.

Nice job!


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