Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yes, 20-Somethings (Millenials) do Drink Wine

Confirmation, albeit anecdotal, from Chicago that wine is indeed attracting younger drinkers (do not read as "underage drinkers"). Note the emphasis on clever branding and packaging. - "They're not interested in the Lafite and Mouton Rothschild - they want something more hip that's still good" - this sentence is the key.

However, I don't know that Mr. Gillespie gets it: 'Experimentation and nuances of each bottle aside, the Wine Marketing Council's Gillespie said the new generation's attraction to wine is what's old about it.' I realize he's trying to reinforce the WMC's ad campaign (of which I'm not a
fan), but he completely contradicts the statements made above that young consmers are buying wines for the hip packaging (Rex Goliath and Red Truck are specifically mentioned, no doubt Yellow Tail, sorry [yellow tail] could be included as well).

Bottom line, wine marketers need to better understand and prepare for the millenial generation because they can single-handedly make or break the industry.


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