Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lulu B - another Branded French Wine Launched

I know that I've long lamented France's inability to sell its wines and the general malaise of American consumers toward French wine, but somehow I don't think this is the solution. Lulu B is a good idea gone bad because it just screams "cheap knock off that's late to the party". Fat Bastard and Red Bicyclette worked for much differeent reasons - they didn't have to hit you over the head with cheesy packaging to tell you what it was - they were also well-planned brands that were very carefully launched.

Good luck to Boisset, Lulu's importer who bought DeLoach out of bankruptcy and the Seven Peaks brand from Southcorp (both for pennies on the dollar). My money is on seeing LuluB in the Trader Joe's discount bin by next spring.

I still think this (branded varietal wine packaging) is the way to go for much of France's table wine oversupply, I just think it could be done much, much better.


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