Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wine Blogging for fun

So, Tom over at Fermentation and other bloggers are having a dialog because they're concerned about being ripped off by websites which publish their posts verbatim without giving them credit.

I’ve gotta say that I feel a little ambivalent about the issue, and as long as the publishing website provides a link back, doesn’t claim the material as their own or twist it out of it’s original form, then I’m happy to apply the “no harm, no foul” principle…but they should have a link back to the original posting site.

Public domain? I mean that’s one of the reasons we bloggers blog in the first place, right? Because we feel the need to get our views out in the public domain (either to stimulate conversation, or in some cases just rant), and if we further publish those thoughts thru RSS feeds and the like, then the only right we really keep in our pocket is to complain about plagiarism…
"Collection" or index sites which provide links back are exactly what bloggers are looking for - yet another avenue for readers to find them.

Here's an intersting case in point, although it's NOT an entirely internet based one: Jennifer Rosen’s book Waiter, there’s a Horse in my wine
Sounds pretty close to the title of my post of August 3rd, 2004 Waiter! There’s a horse in my glass… (published under my HJ moniker), in which I give a short discourse on my view of the evils of Brett. (BTW, Rosen’s book was published in June 2005…and covers multiple subjects, not just Brett)

Is it one of my all time favorite phrases I’ve coined?
Did I have fun with my post?
Did my post generate some discussion and possibly educate someone? Yup…quite a bit of traffic also...
Did her title come from my post?
I dunno...maybe...
Am I pissed off about this if it did?
No…though I would be if I found Jennifer had lifted my article or pulled most of it’s substance out and then claimed it as her own - without ever asking my permission. But if that isn't the case, actually in a way I'd be kind of flattered.

Now I haven’t read Rosen’s book yet (it’s on my list, especially because her mission is “…to snuff out wine snobbery and make understanding vino easy, even for the neophyte imbiber”) and I’d more than likely be sending a certified letter to her publisher if it was plagiaristic at some point - if indeed that were the case - because she’s obviously using the book to generate some income. I'd probably ask for credit if credit were due for any material that was mine. (And "Yes", Rosen does read wine blogs...)

Otherwise, that phrase did exactly what I wanted it do to – act as a hook to get people into a conversation about wine faults – specifically Brett related faults.
I put it out there for public shall I then be offended if that's what actually has happened to it?

/St. "Turn the other cheek" Vini


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