Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wine spies discover GM wine?

Interesting thoughts about GM organisms being used to produce wine:
Wine Spies blog
Interesting in that one person commenting suggests that perhaps that the way to greater public acceptance of GM technology is through the wine/alcohol markets.

I'm not sure that's the best avenue as the industry for wine production is fairly conservative.
Ok – so the post is really about the fact that a French company has a GM yeast available on the US market…

But isn’t that how it starts? Just like micro-Ox, the French seem to have a penchant (or nefarious vein?) for inventing technologies to use in wine production, then sell them in export markets…

…while back home in France, the vignerons then rail against the countries using them as being “unnatural” or “not authentic”.

Sounds like something Sun Tzu would have proposed in his book The Art of War.

And where’s the debate about GMO usage in/for wine production? Here's a link to one post, but other than a handful of sites in the last 5 months there really isn't one going on right now (maybe since the Sonoma County GMO ban lost in the election last November by a 60:40 margin the issue has gone dormant?)...
GMO use in wine debate (Amorim)

Weird – it’s from Amorim SA cork supply company…other than the fact that Amorim makes/markets a natural product (corks) I don't understand the reason for them to be carrying it...

The hypothetical heat resistant vine they envision would be an interesting application.



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