Tuesday, September 12, 2006

With a little luck

No morning fog - either yesterday or today! I awoke to "With a Little Luck" by Paul McCartney & Wings this morning on the alarm clock-radio, and couldn't think of a more appropriate theme some for this harvest...not that the song has been too lucky for Sir Paul these days, what with his divorce & all...

Well, despite my upbeat post the other day regarding better potential flavors & ripeness with a slow approach to harvest, there have been a few friends and contacts who have emailed me regarding some botrytis they're encountering in their own vineyards. In a way I'm not too surprised...
Some months ago I voiced concern over the potential for mold issues to come into play this year due to the massive amounts of rain, and the late nature of those rains this spring. Couple the more than normal amount of mold spores present in the vineyards this year with the possibility of a September rain (not all that unlikely), tight clusters this year, and potentially a few days following a rain with cool - maybe even foggy - weather and you've got a recipe for disaster.

I've been trying to shake a bit of pessimism which has crept over me lately...this fog's just been a little too consistent, thick & it's been hanging around far too long into the day. Sugars aren't rising too fast with all this fog, and I may be out in the vineyards dropping a bit of fruit in hopes of getting the rest of the crop in before the weather goes to pot.
However, these last two mornings have had Orion almost directly overhead @ sunrise...a nice surprise, & it's nice to see him again after almost a month straight of foggy mornings. Not that I live my life by the stars - though I think I've made myself clear on that point over the years.


Speaking of stars, interestingly enough, the rumor mill has reports of a large $50MIL+ deal recently closed which supposedly had an Astrological consultation in order for one of the parties involved to make a decision about whether to proceed & complete the deal, or go find another business partner.

Now I'm all for people feelin' good & having whatever sort of business consltation they desire - but it's pretty ballsy to stake $50MIL on that sort of gamble.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could that be the Bonny Doon/ Randall Grahm deal?

October 08, 2006 1:41 PM  

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