Saturday, November 25, 2006

3 thanksgiving Viogniers

Thanks to family who just passed through the area, we tasted a lovely 2004 Oregon Viognier. Tasted against 2 Lodi-area Viogniers (Incognito, ~$15; Jewel, ~$15).

I believe the Del Rio runs ~$20, and is also 14.7% alcohol, though the wine doesn't suffer from "heat" due to that alcoholic strength. Clearly preferred by the majority, the rich fruit which greets the drinker starts with classic apricots and ripe peaches, then mutes in succession to pear, orange blossoms, honeysuckle & tangerines, and finishes with a lite lively acidity and slight mineral notes. Overall length was very good, and body was medium. It paired well with the dinner & pumpkin pie. Recommended.

Jewel Viognier was the second pick, with some preferring the wine due to less intense fruit, and an almost chardonnay-rich body. It was softer and less “classic” than the Del Rio, and was somewhat shorter in length too. Not bad for the price point, but the intensity of the Jewel didn’t come close in my book to the Oregon contender.

Lastly, there was the 2004 Incognito Viognier. Not nearly as complex as either of the other wines, and certainly not as concentrated, this wine suffered greatly from the competition. I would’ve guessed this wine was ~$10/btl instead of higher.


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