Monday, November 27, 2006

More on Riedel

There's an interesting thread on Robert Parker's bulletin board that pretty much sums up each of my previous posts on Riedel. Buy quality glassware with a bowl bigger than the mouth to enhance aromas but don't buy into the marketing BS about having a different glass for each varietal. I'm still waiting for somebody who endorses the varietal glass line to do my blind taste test....

Pour 4oz. of Chardonnay into 5 Reidel/Spiegelau "Chardonnay" glasses and 1 "Burgundy" glass. Have a friend mix up the glasses and blindfold you. If what you believe is true, then you should be able to pick out the Burgundy glass by taste every single time. Try it, you'll be surprised what your preconceived notions (marketing) can lead you to taste (or not taste). Its quite revealing....



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