Sunday, February 18, 2007

Delusion or Fantasy

Got a chuckle out of today's Cost Plus ad which prominently displays 4 or 5 offerings from Sutter Home's recently acquired brand, Folie a Deux. The marketing hype that accompanies it says that the name refers to a "shared fantasy", so open a bottle and share the fantasy with someone....

The humor here is that Folie a Deux more accurately refers to a shared Delusion or even a Madness. The original owners of Folie a Deux knew that opening a winery can be a tricky exercise financially and that thinking it could be a maker of fortunes is a delusion, thus they shared that madness. They sold to Sutter Home a couple of years ago when they couldn't make ends meet. The whole thing comes full circle for me when Sutter Home and Cost Plus try to alter the translation slightly, perhaps trying to change the delusion....?


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