Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Youth, without youth? Whatever.....

Francis Ford Coppola has a new film out!
His first in 10 years!!!

It's called "Youth without youth", which almost sounds as if it were back-label phraseology for a wine with too much tart acid after 10 years of aging. So, what's it about? I dunno...but the reactions from the press are lukewarm at best...And that's got ol' Frankie on the defensive.
From the quote under the picture in the Press Democrat Sunday, he apparently asked those from the press screening to see it more than once (always a bad sign!).

Coppola stated Saturday at the screening in Rome, Italy "...you know that it's different than 'Spider-Man' or 'Shrek' or other films that are immediately met with success...I only ask you to think that my film was interesting."
Yeah, and that we shell out the price of admission more than once...
Listen, when Lucas took 10 years off, at least he had some kick-ass special effects to bring back to us...
Sounds like Coppola could use the infusion of cash to help buy even more winery equipment for his new Rosso & Bianco property in Geyserville. What brilliance in marketing to create controversial movies that people will see more than once, yet it sounds more like this is going to be one of those movies that will hit DVD stores after a short 2-month theatre engagement.

BTW, the marketing wing of FFC Presents hasn't hit the mark with it's renaming of the brand from Niebaum-Coppola either...(link to Karen Kang Consulting who questioned their communications with their consumers)


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