Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Earthworms used to predict earthquakes

This is a great article that really illustrates why we need to ask more questions before jumping to conclusions when presented with new & novel things happening in our vineyards:

"...Wu, who bought the vineyard 40 years ago, said he has never seen so many earthworms in his vineyard before and estimated there were 200 to 300 kilograms of them. Seeing the large numbers of earthworms Wu feared that a major quake might be coming because worms and snakes are known to come to the surface when disturbed by seismic activity.

Wu consulted a farm expert who said the earthworms crawled out because his vineyards were flooded when Typhoon Krosa hit Taiwan on October 5. Although earthworms like humid environment, they cannot stand extreme moisture or when the underground water level rises too high, so they came out of the earth, the expert told Wu.

Wu's worry about an upcoming strong earthquake eased when it was pointed out that another vineyard near Hu's house has not been invaded by earthworms because it was not flooded during the typhoon's passage."

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Is there any need for me to point out the obvious differences with the resolution of this matter in Taipei and the Biodynamic movement?

(Hint: in Taipei they actually consult REAL experts about the phenomena they experience rather than just making some reason up out of thin air to justify why it should be happening....
The scientific method is still alive!!!!)

Read this article by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott titled "The Myth of Folklore Gardening" seems the folklore in Taipei is as strong as it is here...

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I just took the time to read St. Vincent's Credo, and laughed hysterically... Too funny! jo

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