Thursday, January 20, 2005

Does Gallo read Huge?

"We've made French wine approachable, not some château you can't pronounce," says Gallo proudly.[article link]
BINGO! Gallo 'gets' it...

Huge J's WOW scooped Gallo by predicting that American consumers (well, the World's consumers actually) were tired of attempting to decipher French wine labels, and memorizing which micro-producer was making what. (In my post [
Chateau "X"] I stated what has become increasingly obvious to all but the French wine industry...and it's embodied in that lead quote from Gallo). Perhaps Joe got it from my post...?

Hopefully, Gallo’s ‘takeover’ of the French wine industry will also include a Brettanomyces eradication program. One can only pray...

The French are notoriously defensive about their wine industry. We'll have to see if Gallo is more sucessful than Mondavi was in trying to get into France (even that venerable company was rebuked, and abandoned it's plans for an operation in France when the villagers started getting out the pitchforks, tar and torches).

By the way, Gallo is not the only company with production operations on several continents; K-J already has operations in Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, and Australia. Mondavi, even without its 'own' project in France was still in partnership with the Rothschilds, as well as a partner in operations in both Italy and Australia. Fetzer has partnerships in Chile for at least some of its' Chardonnay products. Vincor (in Canada) has holdings in South Africa, California, Washington, Australia and Chile. Diageo has brands from Argentina and France in addition to Washington & CA. Allied Domecq has US, France, Spain, NZ, and Argentina and has tried in vain to buy successfully in Australia. Beringer has Australia, US, NZ, France, Italy & Chile. Pernod Ricard has wines from France, Italy, Spain, Australia & Argentina.

Gallo's got something BIG in store for France...keep watching.


Blogger Deena said...

Hi Huge,

As a new wine-drinker I really agree with you in your points about Gallo. A lot of people are worried about the wine made by massive coporations, saying that the wine will be bland, boring, etc. Well, yes, to an extent. There is a fear that if these enormous corporations are making boring wine, then boring wine will be all that there is. Not so! A corporations making wine acceptable to the palates of the masses isn't a bad thing for makers of very good wines. It just widens the pool of people that will eventually become interested in more unusual, more expensive, very good wines.

How many beer drinkers started out with Budweiser and then end up drinking something better, once age and experience (and their wallets) caught up? If Gallo wants to be the Bud of wine, I'm all for it. I expect that the wine equivalent of Trappist ales will only benefit in the long run.


Deena of Viti-Culture

January 21, 2005 6:56 AM  
Blogger Huge said...

Excellent point, and very well stated!
Thanks for commenting.


January 21, 2005 7:58 AM  

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