Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Have health spa's gone 'biodynamic'?

So, do you want to get that Tarot reading, but really need use the time to get a massage?
Want to stay in touch with your 1-900-PSYCHIC, but are afraid the mud bath treatment will foul your cell phone?

No need to worry – just relax, and have it all done at the same time!
[CNN travel article]

What’s great about this is that the spa’s are really looking for marketing…
And that’s what the authors point out that –

It's also another way for spas to make money and attract guests in a competitive market. The International Spa Association, the biggest spa industry group, says that between 1995 and 2004, the number of U.S. spas more than quadrupled, to 12,100. But the most recent figure for the number of visits to spas, 136 million, is actually down slightly from 2001.

Also of interest is the statement from one of the practitioners that they don’t really give a ‘reading’, but rather listen to the client, and then dispense advice about how to resolve their issues.

(It'd be a better deal if they had "Oenophile massages" where you could couple aromatherapy of wine aromas wafting through the studio, a good deep shoulder, neck & back rub, while you sip relaxingly on a glass of your favorite wine...that'd be worth something! And all your troubles would "magically" disappear...)

Just like Wineries looking to differentiate themselves in a global sea of wine, by using the ‘biodynamic’ descriptor for their vineyard practices & wines. And as for those who've set themselves up as providers of biodynamic goods and accredation - Good for you! If there are people dumb enough to think it works or even that they need you, then they deserve to be fleeced! (I think I'll make one more post on biodynamics after I read Joly's book Wine: from sky to earth, when I can give a book review. It should be like shooting fish in a barrel, if it's anything as disjointed as his website for Coulee de Serrant.)

Anyway – let me save you some dough – open a nice bottle of wine & use the virtual voodoo doll on the following link to solve all your problems! [
instant voodoo]

OR better yet! Use the
Chocolate Voodoo Doll! Think of how much better you’ll feel after you’ve bitten the head off your problems! Maybe it’ll go well with some fava beans and a nice Chianti…?

Chocolate Voodoo

Either way, get a glass of your favorite wine. It’s the only real guarantee of relaxation you have…
…it’s a much better gamble than a “Soul Regression Tour”. Probably alot cheaper, too.

Again people, it's all about marketing. Just trying to get market share.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Huge,

I enjoy your posts, particularly your dose of reasonable thinking on biodynamics. I agree with your observation that this new religion may be for many just another marketing ploy to set a product apart in a red sea of wine. Joly would hate that of course because it would link wine production to capitalism. You see, there is only his manner of wine production and the evil, other kind. Underneath his preaching is a heavy dose of European welfare state politics and conspiracy theories. In fact that's about the only thing that comes through clearly when he speaks, the rest, as you infer, is like listening to your favorite psychic with a thick and charming French accent. That you will take the time to read Joly's book and review it is admirable. I heard him speak last spring in NYC. I'm not going on about it other than to say that he reminded me a bit of Jim Jones - the Kool-Aid guy. What was disturbing was the fawning crowd who reminded me of the population of Jonestown. I've talked to many who advocate biodynamism and of course everyone defines it in a way that is suitable to their own interests, it becomes anything you want;if you stick a fork in it, it turns into something else.

I was surprised a bit last week (maybe I shouldn't have been). I attended the Bonny Doon tasting at Tribeca Grill in NYC. As you point out in your next post, Bonny Doon has always made a good attempt to make wine fun and unpretentious, and I agree. Lo and Behold, the main purpose of Randall Grahm's short talk was to announce his conversion to biodynamics (should I capitalize this?) He even offered something of an apology for his winemaking through the years and noted that he had brought Nicolas Joly to California to speak to his growers. Do you think M. Joly suggested burying the goat's horn (or is it cow's horn?)I wonder how the meeting went? I did overhear him say in a joking way that he "would like to kill (his) growers."

Best Regards,

January 26, 2005 4:16 AM  
Blogger caveman said...

this is a big kettle of fish. Aside from the spiritual flakiness that I agree is a part of the whole biodynamic philosophy, the practical manifestations of this type of agricultural practice is at it's base organic. And if large producers use less pesticides, fungicides, chemical soil additives, and sulfites then that is a good thing for everybody. We can argue wether or not it makes better wine, but it does make interesting wine.
You are obviously first and foremost taking a 'businessman' perspective on the wine industry, an underlying current of this movement is about community and respect. Normal people buying and thus supporting local growers, restaurants using local ingredients and creating regional cooking traditions, but above all, a respect for the environment as a whole. This is a concept which the american government has effectively pissed upon (as being one of the few governments to outrightly refuse Kyoto, and rolling back important safeguards). Their view seems to be..'well it is not great for me so fuck the rest of you.'A fantastic role model for all.
While Joly can be a bit of a flake and there are obvious holes in the biodynamic philosophy, if it's followers become a little more respectful and a little nicer, hell, why not, they've harmed a lot less people than those waiving the banner of Jesus.

January 26, 2005 6:48 AM  
Blogger Huge said...

Thanks, Tuco.

William/Caveman - please see my post
because I've got too much to respond to in yor comment.

But I do respect your thoughts - except for misreading me as soley a businessman's perspective! Thanks.


January 26, 2005 11:40 AM  
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Blogger St. Vini said...

C'mon people!

Advertise your businesses somewhere else...


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