Saturday, February 19, 2005

US wine exports at $794 Mil !

2004 exports from the US wine industry (95% of the volume is Californian) have hit a new high - $794 Mil!

2003 figures have been reported as $643 Mil (Wine Institute, 4/04) and $621 Mil (Press Democrat, 2/05)…either way, this is a substantial increase from the ’03 values. 26~28% depending on which figure you want to use. It’s fantastic growth since the posting of $196 Mil for 1996, and even more impressive when compared to the anemic $34 Mil from 1986! Still, it accounts for only ~20% of the total US wine industry’s production.

Certainly, much of the credit must go to the larger California wineries efforts wishing to be in the global market.
With the dollar still weak, and the reputation of US (California) wines continuing to rise, we should see an even rosier 2005 export figure.


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