Sunday, September 25, 2005

Heart healthy ads?

"Not in THIS country!", or so the cry goes out from the Neo-Prohibitionists...

But I came across the following on a bottle of table red from Croatia (or Serbia? Bosnia?). I can't read the label & haven't been able to find it on the atlas yet...

Long story cut short, it obviously touts it's heart healthy ("pro corde") attributes, going so far as to have a EKG heart rhythym logo just below the words - which are conspicuously placed in a red box. Clearly the consumer is being sold on the prospect that this wine is good for your heart.

The wine inside was decent, if not somewhat acidic, though I have no new super heart attributes from drinking it with dinner. As for the medical claim that it's good for your heart, I'd recommend backing up this claim by pairing with a heart healthy meal, and not using the image of health from the wine to justify indulging in some cholesterol laden dish.

In any case, it's indicative of a different view of wine in their culture that we can only imagine here.

Maybe someday...


Blogger VineSci said...

Vranac is a Montenegrin variety of grapes (the southern part of Serbia and Montenegro, former Yugoslavia).

Vranac is a local variety of grape, not dissimilar from a group of varieties associated with Crljenak Kasteljanski, shown to be genetically identical to Zinfandel.

Here is what the Vranac producers have to say about the health benefit you mention:

VRANAC PRO CORDE - Montenegrin premium wine with increased contents of proanthocyanidols

The concentration of proanthocyanidol has been increased thanks to the special technological procedure. They are natural ingredients of grapes and they have also a therapeutic power when a man’s heart and vessels are concerned.

At the same time, wine has kept all its beauty, charm, harmony, temperament, and potability.

Enriched, First-class Vranac can be used not only in profilaxy but as a therapeutic, medical means.

A French scholar, while joking, said: “If we ever identify an ingredient which protects from heart stroke in vine, we consider that it would be senseless to isolate it because the medicine has already been there in a very pleasant form to be used.”

Vranac Pro Corde has not only nutritious but pharmaceutical value if it taken moderately as a part of every day’s meals.

”Don’t drink only water in future, but take some vine to fight against stomach and your common weakness.”--Timothy, The Bible

Water is fine, wine is divine.

We wish you a long life

AD "Plantaze 13. Jul",
Podgorica, Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro
e-mail: plantaze@cg.yu

October 05, 2005 8:52 PM  
Blogger Huge said...

Thank you so much!

Unfortunately my knowledge of Serbian wines is rather lacking, as is my ability to speak or read Serbian.

Perhaps someday we will see wines advertised along those same lines here in California.

Cheers, and thanks again for the information!


October 06, 2005 5:32 AM  

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