Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Global 360 Buying A Compliment to Viansa?

So yesterday, Megan Haverkorn, posts an interesting nugget suggesting that Global 360 (owners of Viansa and formerly associated with Kirkland in Napa) are buying something for $25 million to compliment Viansa. Interesting, I thought, because Viansa has certainly struggled in the past and hasn't been turned around under G360's care.

Now today its noted at justdrinks (a subscription site, so I won't post the link) that the acquisition is in Western Europe! How exactly will this help Viansa's business, since sales of California wine in Europe are usually nonexistent?

Given G360's sketchy track record, its reverse 150-for-1 stock split, its continued declines, its collapsed relationship with Kirkland (now in bankruptcy) and its CEO refusing to say where the funds to acquire this new property will come from, I'm curious to know how this will play out.

Maybe they're buying a Languedoc Negotiant Merlot producer....?


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