Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One More Try For Bronco

Fred Franzia is making a final(?) try to stymie the Napa Valley Vintners with another petition to the Supreme Court.

While I feel that this has gone on long enough, I do wonder if there are NVV members that contribute to the fight to keep Napa labels made with Napa grapes with the right hand, while the left hand is busy making and labeling Napa "Port"....? Can't think of any sparkling wine producers in Napa that label their product Champagne, as I think they have all adopted the "sparkling" moniker, but that would apply equally if so. Will Rutherford Hill have to stop making wines from outside the Rutherford AVA?

While I generally agree with the position of the NVV, it seems there might be a bit of hypocrisy in Napa...


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