Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy B-Day, Rudy Steiner!

An historic day!
The 147th Birthday of Rudolf Steiner!
Born Feb 25th, 1861, we can see from the following astrology chart that he was destined for greatness right out of the womb....

Note how the "inter-connected-osity" of his planetary alignment provided a superior complex polygonic network of communication pathways -an ├╝ber-functionality, if you will- allowing him to commune with Nature and discern Spirits the rest of us can only sit back and marvel at!
Why even the lowliest inorganic elements were not immune from his powerful psyche - we read of his
wonderous, momentous interrogations of Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous!

But anyway, enough of that nonsense!
So here's a glass of our best raised to you, Rudy, without whom I wouldn't have nearly so much in life to lampoon!
Uhhhh, I don't believe the producer was BD...sorry about that...
*** Not that it would matter, but I have no recollection where I found that chart on the 'net. Not that a fact like that would change any - and I mean ANY - description you wanted to attach to it....
And what of the fact he shares that birthdate with untold numbers of others? Then that description would effect EVERYONE who shared that same birth chart. So perhaps the question shouldn't be "Didn't his astronomical chart indicate he was unique", but rather "where were all the people in the world who should've shared his amazing attributes due to being born on the same date at the same time disappear to"?
I mean, really, why weren't there 6,000 (or more!) Steiner-esque philosophers unleashed upon this world on the day he was born? Or do we need to talk about how this sort of psuedoscience (both astrology & biodynamics) is bunk...?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure this day was celebrated at "Biodynamic" Benzinger in Glen Ellen. I was there a while back and took the tour. Signs everywhere about "biodynanism". (I noted that despite bragging about being "certified" they continued to have pressure treated (chromate-copper-arsenate) endposts in the vineyard.) The best part was when standing next to the "insectary" the tour guide explained how Benzinger irrigated during the full moon. He explained to us how vines were affected just like the ocean tides by the moon's gravity, and how the extra gravitational pull during a full moon helped pull the water up the vine. The tour guide was not only unaware of transpiration, but was strangely unaware of the possibility the vines might need the water at another time other than during a full moon. With a little further questioning I discovered Benzinger actually waters for a week around that time and not just when the moon is up. I didn't dare ponder out loud if when the moon was on the other side of the earth its gravitation might pull the water back out of the vine undoing its positive effect. I was struggling to keep a straight face.

February 28, 2008 5:22 PM  
Blogger St. Vini said...

I have yet to hear any reason why the Benzigers don't farm ALL their property and produce ONLY WINES which are BD...

After all, if what they preach about about BD being so superior is true, then how can they continue to make wines which are -by the very dogma they market at every turn- inferior in nature, and less "responsible to the environment"!

I've also post in the past on the "lunacy" of the supposed moon interactions with water levels, plant activity, etc. At one time I lampooned it by comparing how plants react to the latitude they are at, and the solar seasons, not where the moon happens to be at any given time. (I believe I used Greenland and Cancun in the example...)
Link to that post.

Thanks for the comment!

March 01, 2008 10:04 AM  

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